November 19, 2017

Vivo Energy introduces composite gas cylinders

This is not the kind of thing to
Walugembe showcases the new cylinders to the people who turned up for the cook-out.

May 11- Vivo Energy has introduced composite cylinders for the Ugandan market which offer more convenience for Shell Gas customers who prefer gas as a better alternative for cooking.

“The introduction of composite cylinders is among the key initiatives by Vivo Energy to improve the quality of services to cooking gas consumers, many of whom have given up on using charcoal and electricity,”  Edward Walugembe, the acting Vivo Energy Managing Director said.

It will cost UGX110,000 ($30) to refill a composite cylinder and there is a range of three packs, comprising of residential, customised bulk tanks for commercial, real estate, schools and hospital users.

He was launching the Third Edition of the Shell Gas Tokosa Food festival. In addition to the new product, the company has also reduced the price of its gas to allow for affordability and encourage the Shell Gas experience among clients and new customers.

The Shell Gas 6 kilogramme cylinder, now costs UGX 180,000 (nearly $50) down from UGX200,000 while a new 12kg pack will go for a lower refill price of UGX 110,000.






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