January 18, 2018

Primary school pupil runs Stanbic Bank for one day

October 11— For one day last week, 11-year old Stacia Nampijja, a pupil at Kazo Church of Uganda Primary School, stood in for Patrick Mweheire, as chief executive of Stanbic Bank Uganda (SBU) Limited.

Stacia chaired a meeting of the EXCO, the top decision makers at SBU, after being handed executive powers by Mweheire last week.

This was one of the notable events in the run-up to the International Day of the Girl which is marked every October 11 around the world. Stacia was ‘hired’ by SBU in an arrangement brokered by the bank and Plan International, a development and humanitarian organization that strives to advance the rights of children and girls in particular.

Mweheire said SBU, which is Uganda’s biggest bank, believes in providing mentorship and inspiration to young people, especially girls who face multiple challenges as they are growing up.

“Despite the gains made over the past two decades, Uganda as a society is still a long way to go towards achieving equality both within and outside the workplace,” he said

Stacia’s chance came about in an effort to intended to empower and show young girls all over the country that they can be just as successful as their male colleagues.

As the boss, Stacia emphasized the importance of providing mentorship to youth especially girls. She asked SBU to take a lead on behalf of the. private sector in addressing the issues of discrimination at the workplace

Plan International aims to change perceptions about what is possible for girls. All decked out in a smart suit, she said, “Uganda as a society is still a long way to achieving equality both within and outside the workplace.”

Mweheire said, “This intends to amplify girls’ voices to decision makers, private sector, media and the public. We aim to change perceptions about what is possible for girls, and to transform power relations. The takeovers highlight girls’ leadership potential as key social actors in development.”


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