October 19, 2017

MultiChoice Uganda offers loyalty package

Hamya chats with a guest before tellingnthe gather are confident that the rewards we have lined up will not only enhance our customers’ television viewing experience
Hamya (left) chats with a guest before telling the gathering he is confident the package will enhance customers’ television viewing experience.

March 9-MultiChoice Uganda has launched a rewards package intended to recognize its loyal subscribers on DStv and GOtv channels who will get extra programming and monthly airtime bonuses as an appreciation for their unwavering support.

“We are delighted to launch DStv THANKS and GOtv WOW to say thank you to our valued customers. We are committed to putting our customers at the heart of our business and one of the ways to show our appreciation for their loyalty and unwavering support, is by offering them more value,” Charles Hamya, the MultiChoice General Manager said when announcing the new offer.

Hamya said through this initiative, they want to remain competitive in the market and also show their customers that they are very much appreciated by the company. MultiChoice was recently listed as a top media brand in the annual Brands Africa survey.

Subscribers on DStv will enjoy Zee Bollymovies, Viasat Life, Nina TV and Trigger TV. Those on GOtv plus and GOtv Value in addition to a monthly airtime bonus of UGX 5000 and UGX2500 respectively through their mobile networks, UTL, MTN and Airtel, will also remain connected to these bouquets for a minimum of three months uninterrupted.

Sauya Nakiyaga, the Head of Retention at MultiChoice Uganda said the offer is open to all DStv and GOtv customers, both active and inactive customers until March 21, but after that it will only be accessible to active customers.

Hamya said, “When putting together these programmes, we analysed the best global rewards programme practice as well as what our customers love about DStv and GOtv brands. The rewards offered had to provide greater value to our loyal customers beyond what they would normally get while also providing added motivation to stay loyal to our platforms.”

He said, “We are confident that the rewards we have lined up will not only enhance our customers’ television viewing experience but also solidify their connection to our platforms.”


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