November 18, 2017

MTN Uganda adjusts mobile money tariffs

May 22-MTN Uganda mobile money subscribers are to pay more for sending or withdrawing money using the Telecom Network effective June 15 2017.

MTN Uganda has the highest number of registered mobile money customers, however Airtel Uganda has also adjusted its tariff rates.

“We are communicating now to give customers ample time to prepare for the change as mandated by the regulator,” a source from MTN Uganda told 256BN.

He said the increment is not really an increment given that the mobile network had reduced charges for the lower transactions between UGX 500 to  UGX45,000 in a promotion towards the festive season.

The transaction fee for the least tier is now UGX180 from UGX500. “It is just a revision of the structure which is still less than the earlier rates. We would not want to burden our clients given the tough economic situation,” he said.

According to the notice, transactions that fall under the UGX500 to UGX2500 tier will see clients who are registered for mobile money part with UGX 250 and UGX830 for those not registered  while withdraws of the same amount at the agents will see them part with Ush 330.

MTN Mobile Money Clients will now pay UGX2000 for sending Transactions that fall under UGX500,000 to  UGX4,000,000 but withdrawal fees differ.

Between UGX500,000 and UGX1,000,000, it will now cost UGX12500; between UGX1,000,000 and UGX2,000,000 it will cost UGX 19,800 while withdrawals for UGX2,000,000 to  UGX4,000,000 will now cost UGX352,000.

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