Accountancy body marks Silver Jubilee with open invite

September 8— Protazio Begumisa, the President of the Institute of Certified Professional Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU), has asked colleagues and other business bodies to consider joining ICPAU so that they can lift the accountancy profession in Uganda.

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Begumisa said ICPAU membership has to go up five-fold in order make any real impact in Uganda’s economy.

He was presiding over one of the events to mark ICAPU’s Silver Jubilee. Begumisa said although ICPAU has about 2600 certified members, it still needs over 10,000 to become more visible and effective in Uganda’s economy.

“As much as we have made a lot of progress for the last 25 years, there is a lot that needs to be improved. First, the numbers of our members are not yet good enough considering how many accountants we have in Uganda. Our counterpart body in Nigeria has over 40,000 members,” he said.

Begumisa said, “I am convinced that if more members come and join us, the body will become stronger and more influential in the economics of this country. I call upon business professionals who have done related courses to join us because there are a lot of benefits that one can get by joining our professional body.”

ICPAU Executive Director, Derrick Nkajja said they offered training, guidance and career development through workshops that every accountant would find important as they go about strengthening their careers.

“We are going to continue working towards uplifting the profession of accounting through guiding and training our members so that we can be given the respect and attention that we deserve. That’s why it’s important that more members come and join us so that we can build our country together,” he said.

The 25th anniversary celebrations end  today with a grand dinner to be attended by thousands of ICPAU accountants, both members and non-members.

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