October 26, 2016

The Business Interview: Paul Isaac Musasizi, man on the innovation trapeze
PIM2This week marks a coming of age of sorts for Kiira Motors Corporation. One of the Ugandan automotive integrator’s creations, the Kayoola Solar Bus, will in the coming days be on display in the Kenyan capital Nairobi where it is the lead Green Mobility Exhibitor at the UN Sustainable Technology Expo. 256 Business news spoke to Kiira Motors Chief Executive Paul Isaac Musasizi.  Read More

How Sudhir’s goose got cooked: A startling account of malpractices and how even M7 could not save Uganda’s most celebrated ‘investor’
KAMPALA, OCTOBER 22 – Fate can be unforgiving. Sudhir had expected the Bank of Uganda to take-over his bank today. Instead that move came on Thursday, a day after the mon...
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